About Us

BITFINAP is a Joint Venture that mergers reputation, sector longevity and a vast network of corporates with innovative software and agility.

We offer Corporates, Commercial businesses, SMEs and SSMEs with a total technology solution that makes them nimble and digitally savvy.

Our Vision & Mission

Our Vision

“Our vision is to be the most accepted Financial Technology Company in Asia Pacific by 2025, famous for our economical approach, agility, scalability, and dedication to corporate social responsibility.”

Our Mission

Why We For

  • Recruiting The Best

    Great employees are important to any company’s success, but especially critical at a start-up. In the tech sector, a great software developer will produce more than 10 mediocre ones and likely avoid costly missteps in the process. At BITFINAP, we’ve proven that theory beyond a doubt. That kind of momentum is based on smart development and employees who “get it.” Like most start-ups, we aren’t in a position to take risks with employees who are underperformers or a poor cultural fit.
  • Capacity Focused

    As a medium scale technology team, we tend to focus on capacity building within the global environment, however, we do provide support to, and have developed projects where the primary focus is technology and infrastructure of organizational and/or national structures. Our more recent initiatives have focused more on developing financial technology solutions, research & development, experimentation in AI & Data Science and where the focus is on building more resilient and stable enterprise technology solutions.
  • Versatile Proficiency
  • Strict Quality Control

    We strive to provide highest quality technology solutions and services, which can be applied with confidence in continuous research, global standards and in the process and quality control of the software and technology industry. We constantly meet these high quality standards. The continuous monitoring of all processes, our strict quality management system, the exclusive use of certified reagents and a final quality check guarantee the highest possible quality and consistency of each product and service. The continuous staff training and further education combined with accurate financial planning, costs vices customers.
  • 100 Years’ Experience

    With over 100 years’ experience, BITFINAP is a leader in technology market. Several hundreds of customers in various sectors such as the banking, manufacturing, retail chain, transportation, hospitality, health, education, trust BITFINAP for the technology automation solutions we provide.
  • Low Staff Turn Over

    The best source of future talent for any company is its existing satisfied employees. BINFINAP has created a company culture with a clear and unified mission of “helping others and extending hope.”