Core Banking

BITFINAP Core Banking Solution provides a comprehensive range of core banking software solution built to easily integrate and comply with regulatory requirements. Powered by cutting-edge technology, BITFINAP Core Banking solution is a compatible and infinitely scalable solution. BITFINAP’s Core banking solution helps banks overcome the challenges of intense competition, reduced margins, and increased customer expectations by creating a unique competitive advantage built upon improved profitability and an extended customer reach.
BITFINAP un-parallel innovative core banking platform offers to

  • Commercial Banks
  • Savings Banks
  • Development Banks
  • Finance Institutions

BITFINAP’s specialized solutions are specifically design and developed by domain experts and software professionals. BITFINAP brings you the most advanced Core Banking software solution to the market serving the entire spectrum of banking and finance while ensuring stability, security and quality.


“ECOru” Microfinance solution is a comprehensive solution built to empower Microfinance Institutions become the crucial link to financial inclusiveness while providing broader financial product offerings that meet changing customer needs at substantially lower operating costs. Created with an objective of being “lightweight, cost-effective, and simple-to-use”, ECOru Microfinance delivers improved value, increased agility, and sustainable business performance.

The system can be deployed on software as a Service (SaaS) or it can be deployed on a licensed model where the application and database are all hosted and managed within the institution’s data center.

Digital Banking

“Oceanus” Digital Finance Solution is an entirely new user experience. It is faster, safer and highly reliable series of solutions for everyday banking and payments. Oceanus offers a unique mobile based solution for current and future demands. A best-fit solution for banking, finance, payments, financial inclusion and banking the unbanked.

Oceanus offers financial institutions the opportunity to telescope their appetite for innovation and create powerful new business models that enhance bottom line performance.

Innovation Hub

We take pride in our “tech-lab” which is an innovation hub aiming to deliver the benefit of latest technology not only to niche and general business segments but also to individuals. We are doing continuous Research and Development (R&D) and come out with both customer specific developments and our own developments. We have a range of versatile products already developed and ready to be deployed expeditiously, for a quicker return on investment.